Flat colas

A list of colas that have been discontinued. So far the list is dominated by Danish colas from 1950s-1970s.

* The cola is known to have been produced in this period.


3ES Cola-2015NetherlandsBavariasee cans @ canmuseum.com
Baré Cola1987-2000BrazilAmBev
Aabybro colaDenmarkAabybro Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ bryg.2th.dk
read articleAl-Aqsa Cola2003Denmark
Anjou Cola2010-2015FranceLimonaderie Ligérienne
Apollo-ColaDenmarkMaglekilde & Apollosee labels @ bryg.2th.dk see labels @ kimbj.dk
Baldur Cola1950s-2002DenmarkBaldur, Esbjerg
Balsi Cola-1971DenmarkBalderskildesee label @ bryg.2th.dk
Bana ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabrikken Bana Marrebæksee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
Big Cola1990s*-2000sDenmarkSaltum (for FDB)
Bionade Cola2013-2015GermanyBionade GmbH
CA Cola-1975DenmarkHornslet Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ kimbj.dk
Cavan Cola1958-2001IrelandCavan
Cold-ColaDenmarkØrbæk Bryggerisee labels @ kimbj.dk
Coxy-ColaDenmarkFuglsangsee label @ kimbj.dk
Crystal Pepsi1992-1993USAPepsiCo
Dani-ColaDenmarkvarioussee label @ bryg.2th.dk
Dipsy Cola1950sDenmarkvarioussee labels @ bryg.2th.dk see labels @ kimbj.dk
read articleEGO Cola2010-2017DenmarkHarboes, Skælskør
Flötzinger Cola-2017GermanyFlötzinger Brauerei
Free1986-1994ChileCervecerías Unidas
Fuglsang ColaDenmarkBryggeriet S.C. Fuglsangsee labels @ beerlabels.dk
GO2 Cola2006-2013USASafeway
Guld ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabrikken Guldhorn, Tøndersee labels @ beerlabels.dk
Hasseris Bryggeri Cola-1962DenmarkHasseris Bryggerisee label @ kimbj.dk
Hesselager Bryggeri ColaDenmarkHesselager Bryggerisee label @ kimbj.dk
Hir ColaDenmarkHirtshals Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ bryg.th2.dk
Hopla ColaDenmarkValenciasee labels @ kimbj.dk
Horslunde Bryggeri Cola-1969DenmarkHorslunde Bryggerisee label @ kimbj.dk
Ika ColaDenmarkRaupachs Bryggerisee label @ kimbj.dk
Imazighen-Cola2003-2006FranceKahina Distribution
In The Raw Cola2015-2016USACumberland Packing Corp., NY
jojo cola1970s*-1990s*NetherlandsWinters B.V.see cans @ canmuseum.com see cans @ dutchsodacans.nl
Kalundborg ColaDenmarkKalundborg Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ kimbj.dk
Karat ColaDenmarkHjulsminde-Halk, Haderslevsee labels @ beerlabels.dk
KBM ColaDenmarkKværndrup Bryggeri & Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ bryg.2th.dk
Kik Cola1930s-1984Canadasee cans @ canmuseum.com
Kosmos Cola-1972DenmarkMineralvandsfabrikken Kosmos, Esbjergsee label @ kimbj.dk
Krystal ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabrikken Aalborgsee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
KTM-ColaDenmarkKerteminde Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ kimbj.dk
Kvalli Cola1990s*-2000sDenmarkSaltum
Landkjær Cola-2011DenmarkLandkjær, Gudumholmsee labels @ bryg.th2.dk
Las Cola1970s*-2007DenmarkSaltum-Houlbjergsee label @ kimbj.dk
Lifli ColaDenmarkvarioussee labels @ beerlabels.dk see labels @ kimbj.dk
read articleLuma Cola2016-2019USALuma Soda
Lundby ColaDenmarkLundby Bryggerisee labels @ beerlabels.dk
Maxi ColaDenmarkMineralvandsbrikken Activ, Hadsundsee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
Mexi ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabrikken Aalborgsee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
Mexi ColaDenmarkSødinge Bryggeri og Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ kimbj.dk
Mexi ColaDenmarkIndslev Bryggerisee label @ kimbj.dk
Morsø ColaDenmarkMorsø Bryghussee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
Muslim-Up Cola2003-France
Neptun ColaDenmarkNeptun Bryggerietsee label @ kimbj.dk
New Coke/Coke II1985-2002USAThe Coca-Cola Company
Nico ColaDenmarkSct. Nicolauskildesee labels @ kimbj.dk
Nita-Cola-1968DenmarkOdsherred Bryggerisee labels @ kimbj.dk
Nova ColaDenmarkBryggeriet Thor, Maribosee labels @ kimbj.dk
O-ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabriken O-Colasee labels @ kimbj.dk
Oléron Cola2015-2018FranceGourmand'Oléron
Papa Kola2015-GermanyPapa Türk
Pari Cola1960s-1980DenmarkH.I. Bie's Bryggerisee label @ kimbj.dk
Pari-ColaDenmarkVejen Mineralvandsfabriksee labels @ kimbj.dk
ParisgoCola2012-2014FranceParisgo Cola, Paris
Pee Cola1990s*-2000s*GhanaPee Cola Ltd., Accra
Pepsi Raw2008-2011USAPepsiCo
Pop Cola-2010sPhilippinesCosmo
Premier Squash ColaDenmarkPremier Squash, Esbjergsee label @ kimbj.dk
Provença Cola2011-2017France
Qibla Cola2003-2005UK, EnglandQibla Cola Companysee can @ canmuseum.com
read articleRegnbuevand Cola1970s-1990sDenmarkFDB (Supermarket)
Ritz ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabriken Ritzsee label @ kimbj.dk
Rola Cola1979-2010sUK, EnglandSilver Springssee cans @ canmuseum.com
Royal ColaDenmarkvarioussee label @ bryg.2th.dk
Rørkjær Cola-c. 2005DenmarkRørkjær, Esbjergsee labels @ kimbj.dk
Salaam Cola2004-USASalaam Cola, CA
SB Cola-1960DenmarkStruer Bryghussee label @ kimbj.dk
Sendas1990s*-2011BrazilSendas (supermarket)
Sifo ColaDenmarkSifosee label @ kimbj.dk
Skjold Cola-1980DenmarkSkjold, Aalborg see label @ kimbj.dk
Skjold ColaDenmarkSkjold, Holstebrosee label @ kimbj.dk
Solo-ColaDenmarkNexø Bryggeri & Mineralvandsfabriksee label @ kimbj.dk
Sowest Cola2014-2018FranceOgeu
Special Cola DrinkDenmarkØrbæk Bryggerisee labels @ kimbj.dk
Spur Cola1940s*-1970s*CanadaDry Canada
Stevns Cola-1970DenmarkBryggeriet Stevnssee label @ kimbj.dk
Tab Clear1992-1993USAThe Coca-Cola Company
Tampy ColaBrazilFonte Sarandi
Texas T Cola1980sUSATexas T Bev. Co., Houston, TXsee can at CanMuseum.com
Tipci Cola-1974DenmarkGlamsbjerg Bryggerisee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
Tips ColaDenmarkMineralvandsfabrikken Aalborgsee labels @ bryg.2th.dk
Uludağ Cola1955-2017TurkeyErbak-Uludağ İçecekDutch Wikipedia
Vejstrup ColaDenmarkVejstrup Bryggerisee labels @ kimbj.dk
Veri Organic Cola2014-2017USAVeri Soda, NY
Vintage Cola2010-c2014USATrader Joe's
Vintre Mølle ColaDenmarkVintre Møllesee labels @ kimbj.dk
Ægte ColaDenmarkSankt Paul, Glostrupsee labels @ kimbj.dk
ØB ColaDenmarkØnslev Bryghussee labels @ kimbj.dk

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