Coca-Cola was the first drink ever to include extracts from the kola nut (because of the caffeine) and 130 years later it is still the benchmark cola. You know what it tastes like and you know where to get it. Coca-Cola is the cola that everyone else wants to beat.

In 1982 The Coca-Cola Company launched the first alternative to the Classic Coke; Diet Coke which in no time became the best selling diet soft drink in the world. Since then Coca-Cola have been made in a ton of varieties. Have you tried some of these?:

Blak, Caffeine-Free, Cherry, Cinnamon, Clear, Coffee Plus, Diet, Ginger, Green Tea, Lemon, Life, Lime, Mango, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla, Zero.

While some of them seems gimmicky and were short lived, others have cought on and have become big sellers like Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Personally I find Coca-Cola to be the least interesting brand in my collection. They are available everywhere and they never miss an opportunity to create limited edition designs for various events and seasons. Dispite of that – or because of that – I do have more than 30 Cokes in my collection.

Two classic glass bottles, both from 2016.
Left: 237 ml, right: 250 ml
Four Cokes in classic plastic bottles with slightely different designs.
#1 and #2 are from Denmark. The design of #1 was discontinued in 2015 and replaced with #2 which has “Coca-Cola” is embossed on the bottle, both 500 ml.
#3 is from Holland and has “Original taste” printed on the front of the label.
#4 is from Columbia and contains 600 ml.
Coca-Cola from Thailand, 422 ml glass bottle.
The 1992 International Triathlon, 330 ml can.
The oldest cola in my collection is this Coca-Cola from 1992. The design is in the event of The International Triathlon in Eilat, Israel. It has Coca-Cola written in Hebrew on one side, and in English on the other.
Two cute little tasters containing 150 ml.
Left: Purchased 2016 in Sweden, right: Purchased 2019 in The Netherlands.
Share a Coke with …
Each summer Coca-Cola runs a new branding campaign. In 2019 it was “Share a Coke with …” where the labels had various first names on them instead of the Coca-Cola logo.
I have these three with my own name, and the names of my two sons.
All are 500 ml plastic bottles from Denmark.
Swedish export. This 330 ml can was purchased in 2016 on an European flight between Denmark and Tenerife. It is produced in Sweden and meant for export. At the top of the can it says “Export – ingen pant” (= no deposit-return).
At Christmas time Coca-Colas always has a Santa Claus on the label. Here are five different versions from Denmark 2015-2019, all 500 ml plastic bottles.
The aluminum bottle from 2009 has no Santa, it contains 250 ml.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, French Star Wars edition. 250 ml aluminum bottles.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar made a limitied edition design when the movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was launched in December 2017. Six versions were made, each with a portrait of one of the main characters from the movie.
The Star Wars design was launched worldwide on cans. In France, however, aluminum bottles were used.
These are for sale – make me an offer I can’t refuse.
Coca-Cola Life with different designs, all 500 ml plastic bottles.
#1 from Germany 2015, #2 from Denmark 2015, #3 from Denmark 2016.

Coca-Cola Life was launched in Argentina and Chile in 2013, in Sweden and UK in 2014, and subsequently launched in many other countries. It is a low calorie alternative to Coca-Cola Classic and contains about 1/3 less sugar with stevia added instead.
It never really caught on, however, and has slowly been removed from the supermarket shelves since 2017. It was last seen in Europe in 2019.
Apparently Coca-Cola Life is still avialable in some countries while in others it has been replaced by “Coca-Cola with stevia” and “Coca-Coca Stevia Zero Sugar”.
Cinnamon, anyone?
This abomination was intruced by Coca-Cola for the Christmas season in 2019. It exists/existed in both Classic Coke and Zero Sugar variants.
In Denmark it was only avialable as Zero Sugar, and branded as “Coca-Cola Kanel Zero Sugar” where kanel is Danish for cinnamon.
I have this 1.5 l plastic bottle, purchased in Denmark in February 2020.

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