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Luma Cola

Luma Cola was produced by Californian Luma Soda in 2016-2019. The Luma sodas where sweetened solely with monk fruit and honey.

Apparently it was too much of an acquired taste and the repeat sales where as low as 10 %.

In 2019 founder Jim Otteston appeared in an episode of the American TV-show Shark Tank where he sought $500.000 for 20 % of the company. Unfortunately none of the five investors took sufficient interest in Luma Soda and the company shut down shortly after.


Regnbuevand was a Danish brand of sodas in various flavours. It was a private label by the Danish supermarket chain Brugsen and produced by the Danish beverage company Harboes.

The private label Brugsvand was introduced around 1970 by FDB who owned the supermarket chain Brugsen. The labels were redesignet in 1976 with a rainbow, and hence the soda brand became popularly known as Regnbuevand (= Rainbow Water).

In the early 70ies there was a rising concern about the caramel that was used to give the cola its distinct color. Research later found that the concern was baseless but never the less a number of beverage companys sought to make alternative colas without caramel. These alternative colas were all colorless and had names like Albino Cola and White Cola.

Klar Cola, 2016 edition, 275 ml glass bottle.
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Al-Aqsa Cola

Al-Aqsa Cola was a short lived cola from Denmark in 2003. The idea for the cola came from then 24-year old Ahmad Hassan, Danish-born with Palestinian background. He was inspired by other “muslim colas” such as Mecca Cola (France, 2002) and Qibla Cola (England, 2003). The idea was to both offer an alternative to the dominant American brands and to, following muslim customs, give 10 % of the profits to charity.

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