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Regnbuevand was a Danish brand of sodas in various flavours. It was a private label by the Danish supermarket chain Brugsen and produced by the Danish beverage company Harboes.

The private label Brugsvand was introduced around 1970 by FDB who owned the supermarket chain Brugsen. The labels were redesignet in 1976 with a rainbow, and hence the soda brand became popularly known as Regnbuevand (= Rainbow Water).

In the early 70ies there was a rising concern about the caramel that was used to give the cola its distinct color. Research later found that the concern was baseless but never the less a number of beverage companys sought to make alternative colas without caramel. These alternative colas were all colorless and had names like Albino Cola and White Cola.

Klar Cola, 2016 edition, 275 ml glass bottle.
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Coca-Cola was the first drink ever to include extracts from the kola nut (because of the caffeine) and 130 years later it is still the benchmark cola. You know what it tastes like and you know where to get it. Coca-Cola is the cola that everyone else wants to beat.

In 1982 The Coca-Cola Company launched the first alternative to the Classic Coke; Diet Coke which in no time became the best selling diet soft drink in the world. Since then Coca-Cola have been made in a ton of varieties. Have you tried some of these?:

Blak, Caffeine-Free, Cherry, Cinnamon, Clear, Coffee Plus, Diet, Ginger, Green Tea, Lemon, Life, Lime, Mango, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla, Zero.

While some of them seems gimmicky and were short lived, others have cought on and have become big sellers like Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Personally I find Coca-Cola to be the least interesting brand in my collection. They are available everywhere and they never miss an opportunity to create limited edition designs for various events and seasons. Dispite of that – or because of that – I do have more than 30 Cokes in my collection.

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Ubuntu Cola is made with fairly traded sugar from communities in Malawi and Zambia. As well as ensuring that the farmers gets a fair price for the sugar, Ubuntu also sends 15 % of its profits to development projects in Africa.

The London based Ubuntu was the first Faritrade labelled cola in the UK.

Ubuntu Cola, 330 ml can