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Coca-Cola was the first drink ever to include extracts from the kola nut (because of the caffeine) and 130 years later it is still the benchmark cola. You know what it tastes like and you know where to get it. Whether they operate on a global scale or locally, Coca-Cola is the cola that everyone else wants to beat.

Besides the Classic Coke there is and has been a ton of variants, e.g. Blak, Caffeine-Free, Cherry, Diet, Ginger, Lemon, Life, Lime, Orange Vanilla, Vanilla, Zero.


Ubuntu Cola is made with fairly traded sugar from communities in Malawi and Zambia. As well as ensuring that the farmers gets a fair price for the sugar, Ubuntu also sends 15 % of its profits to development projects in Africa.

The London based Ubuntu was the first Faritrade labelled cola in the UK.

Ubuntu Cola 330 ml can