Al-Aqsa Cola

Al-Aqsa Cola was a short lived cola from Denmark in 2003. The idea for the cola came from then 24-year old Ahmad Hassan, Danish-born with Palestinian background. He was inspired by other “muslim colas” such as Mecca Cola (France, 2002) and Qibla Cola (England, 2003). The idea was to both offer an alternative to the dominant American brands and to, following muslim customs, give 10 % of the profits to charity.

Hassan made a contract with Danish bottling company Mineralvandsfabrikken Frem A/S who started production in May 2003. However, the bottling company received negative responses to their involvement in a “muslim cola” and decided to seize production in June.

Apparently only 1000 bottles were produced.

Sources: Cola-krig mod USA (Ekstra Bladet 28/05/2003), Protest-cola i den gale hals (Politiken 20/06/2003).

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