Luma Cola

Luma Cola was produced by Californian Luma Soda in 2016-2019. The Luma sodas where sweetened solely with monk fruit and honey.

Apparently it was too much of an acquired taste and the repeat sales where as low as 10 %.

In 2019 founder Jim Otteston appeared in an episode of the American TV-show Shark Tank where he sought $500.000 for 20 % of the company. Unfortunately none of the five investors took sufficient interest in Luma Soda and the company shut down shortly after.


Regnbuevand was a Danish brand of sodas in various flavours. It was a private label by the Danish supermarket chain Brugsen and produced by the Danish beverage company Harboes.

The private label Brugsvand was introduced around 1970 by FDB who owned the supermarket chain Brugsen. The labels were redesignet in 1976 with a rainbow, and hence the soda brand became popularly known as Regnbuevand (= Rainbow Water).

In the early 70ies there was a rising concern about the caramel that was used to give the cola its distinct color. Research later found that the concern was baseless but never the less a number of beverage companys sought to make alternative colas without caramel. These alternative colas were all colorless and had names like Albino Cola and White Cola.

Klar Cola, 2016 edition, 275 ml glass bottle.
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EGO Cola

EGO Cola was an organic cola branded as a high quality soft drink and exclusively sold in bars and restaurants. It was produced by the Danish beverage company Harboes.

The EGO Cola was introduced in 2010 with other flavours in the EGO line. The cola was discontinued in 2017 or 2018 but the EGO brand continued with fruit flavoured soft drinks.

EGO Cola, 330 ml glass bottle


This soft drink really does not belong on this site or in my collection as it is not made with kola. In Algeria, however, the drink competes with colas over market shares. Selecto is the second best selling soft drink in Algeria, behind Coca-Cola but ahead of Pepsi-Cola.

Selecto is branded as an apple essence soda and contains isoamyl acetate. This is naturally found in banana plants and the flavour of Selecto is sometimes described as being closer to banana than apple. Selecto also contains caramel which gives it a cola color.

Selecto, 1.5 l plastic bottle

Selecto has been produced since 1907 by Algerian soft drink manufacturer Hamoud Boualem. It is very popular in Algeria and is exported to France, UK, and Canada.

Hamoud Boualem produces a variety of non-alcoholic beverages of which Selecto is the best selling. The company founded in 1878 by Youssef Hamoud who started making sparkling water and lemonade. The company is still entirely owned by the Hamoud Family.

Cola Turka

Cola Turka was introduced June/July 2003 by Ülker, a Turkish food production company. The launch of a Turkish cola was a response to the American domination (Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola) on the cola market. This is in line with what was seen in a number of European countries at the time who whished to offer local alternatives to the American colas.

Cola Turka is branded as a beverage that is suited to Turkish taste and lifestyle. In two television commercials starring American comedian Chevy Chase we see Americans slowly turning Turkish as they drink Cola Turka. An American man with a cowboy hat starts talking Turkish gibberish, and Chevy Chase starts sporting a moustache.

Cola Turka, 330 ml can
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